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            Sensortechnik Meinsberg GmbH

            Experience and Innovation

            For more than 60 years, analytical instrumentation has been developed and produced in Meinsberg. Sensortechnik Meinsberg stemmed in 1990 from the Meinsberg research institute and continued the successful tradition at the location Meinsberg in Saxony. The founder of the research institute was Prof. Kurt Schwabe. The team of engineers and technicians combine years of specialised experience in electrochemistry with electrode and sensor design as well as laboratory, field and online instrumentation. 
            Today the Kurt-Schwabe research institute, which is based in the vicinity, is a strong partner for an innovative connection between research and practice.


            For more than 60 years, Meinsberg Electrodes have been a synonym for innovation, high quality standard and custom-specific design. Sensortechnik Meinsberg develops and produce a wide range of electrochemical sensors for application in industry, water technology and laboratory analysis.

            • pH and redox (ORP) electrodes, ion-selective electrodes
            • Conductivity cells
            • Dissolved oxygen and chlorine measuring sensors
            • Standard solutions, electrolytes

            Meinsberg process, laboratory and field analytical instrumentation fulfil all requirements for measurement and process control in analytical technique reliably.

            • Multi parameter measuring systems combine a high level of functionality with custom-specific problem solutions
            • Laboratory measuring systems for corrosion research, education and quality assurance

            Sensortechnik Meinsberg plans, designs, manufactures and realises complete system solutions for measurement and control in close cooperation with the customer.

            • Quality monitoring systems for drinking, raw and process water
            • Monitoring stations for river dams, rivers and lakes
            • Supervision and control of sewage treatment plants
            • Swimming pool water treatment plants

            All development and manufacture work for electrodes, sensors, instrumentations and process housings is done in Meinsberg / Saxony. This is an important feature for customised special and OEM products.

            Service and Quality

            Sensortechnik Meinsberg offers a complete range of customer services, from conception and detailed planning, delivery and assembly right through to the initial operational stage. Consulting, installation, technical support, product backup, training, setting into work, periodical maintenance as well as test, calibration and verification of instrumentation are integral parts of these activities and secure long lasting and successful associations with the customers. In 1993 the company was distinguished with the Innovation Prize of Saxony and got the recognition as a specialized company for planning, mounting and servicing of water and waste water plants in accordance with the German law § 19 l WHG. Since 1998, the quality management system of Sensortechnik Meinsberg is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

            • 1945 Prof. Kurt Schwabe established the Meinsberg Research Institute
            • 1990 Sensortechnik Meinsberg GmbH stemmed from the Meinsberg Research Institute
            • 2006 Nova Analytics Corp. acquired Sensortechnik Meinsberg GmbH
            • 2010 ITT acquired Nova Analytics Co. and integrated it as ITT Analytics into the company
            • 2011 ITT Corp. splits into three companies - Sensortechnik Meinsberg GmbH is now part of Xylem Inc.



               021-6435 8726, 6435 8729
               021-6435 4745, 6435 7203
               021-6435 8700, 6435 8170

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